A Friendlier World
Here. Now.

Want to live in a friendlier world? Reach out to others. It’s that simple. Just set a realistic goal, say, to meet three new people a week, and begin. Wherever you are - in a checkout line, a coffee shop, at work, out window-shopping, on a train or bus … you get the idea.

It just works!

When you chat with a stranger it could make their day

What's it like to meet that many people every week?

There’s only one way to find out.

  • Say Something

    Say something: offer a sincere compliment, make a general comment or ask a question, and then chat a bit.

  • Introduce yourself

    If and when it feels right, introduce yourself. “Hi, I'm [your first or full name]", and perhaps shake hands. Continue the conversation, demonstrating sincere interest in the other person. If it comes up, feel free to tell the other person about this website, and possibly use it to engage further

  • Thank the other person

    Thank the other person for the conversation and, only if appropriate, exchange contact information and/or take a picture to celebrate the moment.

And if you like ...

A friendlier world journal


Creating a friendlier world journal can take many forms depending upon which subjects or questions you like to talk about with other people. At its most basic, though, keeping a journal is a great way to strengthen your resolve to live in a kinder, friendlier world, one outreach at a time.

Each journal entry adds to a growing chain of evidence of the positive benefits you’ve personally experienced from your courageous decision to reach out to new people more often. Eventually, you’ll find yourself with a new, positive, firmly established habit of friendliness and openness to others.

These outreaches will come in lots of different shapes and sizes, far too many to classify. So here’s one very simple way to think about them: strictly in terms of your own feelings about each exchange.

The main reason for recording any meeting is to take a moment to check-in with your own feelings as a result of your efforts to live in a kinder, friendlier world. A basic meeting journal entry might include:

  1. Who I met
  2. Where
  3. What I learned about them
  4. How I felt afterwards

And you could write a short inspiring story and/or journal entry if you like ( about a 250 word limit)

To see how you are progressing you may also want to track some basic stats about your outreaches:

  1. This week
  2. This month
  3. This year

Now have fun making this a friendlier and kinder world!

Friendlier World

Created by writers, teachers, and life coach
Kathleen Hunter and Richard Geller